Affordable Curly Hair; Noble Gold Bohemian Weave Review

Affordable Curly Hair; Noble Gold Bohemian Weave Review

Hi lovelies. I get so MANY questions about this weave!! I actually made this into a wig. I just thought I’d do a proper review to answer all those questions.
Facts about Noble Gold Bohemian Weave
1. It is synthetic hair.
2. Price: N750 (so affordable).
3. You can buy at Yaba Market, Lagos Nigeria.
4. It can not be flat ironed or curled.
What I like about Noble Gold Bohemian Weave
1. It has no synthetic shine.
2. It dpes not need many products for maintenance. To Maintain Curly Hair all you need is
  • spray with water
  • detangle with your fingers
  • Use a silk or satin scarf to wrap your hair before going to bed.
3. It did not tangle  badly.
4. Shedding was minimal.
5. It has a lot of body and is very bouncy.
6. Each pack of hair is very full.
7. It is VERY SOFT!!!
What I don’t like about Noble Gold Bohemian Weave
1. As beautiful as it is, it can only last for so long. You might not be able to use it a second time.
I love this hair!!!! For the price it is a MEGA steal. I didn’t use any products on this hair. I made this into a wig. Since I don’t sleep with it the hair hasn’t lost its lustre.
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Lustre and Bounce


  1. Its amazing I thought I was the only one who loved the bohemian curly hair. I feel like such a girl with it. Been searching for a wig but sadly so expensive I would need two years of saving to buy a wig!!! No really no joke so that tutorial will be a blessing!! Anyways I'm new to this blog thing three days old really so check me out when you can!!

  2. ok.. that picture up in this post is giving me life.
    pls do a tutorial on this look.
    i love the fact that you have your front hair in cornrows.

  3. please am new here but i cant find the complete series of the wig making series, buti tink its disjointed because i see only the series whr you talked about what is needed, the types of cape and the wigs you made, but you never showed whr or a series where the wigs or how they are made…. #addy#

  4. Lool I was trying to find the name of this weave for someone who just saw me re-rock my wig and here I am. I also made mine into a wig about a year ago and still rocking!! Its such a steal

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