I’ve never liked the idea of using bonding glue to attach weave to my hair. I have heard so many ladies complain about how they lost a chunk of their hair while trying to remove glued weave. When I made my last hairdo at the salon, the hairdresser kept insisting he had to add some weave by bonding and if not the hair wont look as nice as it should. I agreed reluctantly because I was so worried I would loose some of my own hair while trying to take the weave out. A few days back when I took out the weave, I searched for the best method with minimal hair loss to remove the bonded weave. I tried this method and was pleasantly surprised at how well it worked.
All you need:
  • Oil. Any kind really, olive, coconut oil…
  • Plastic bag (nylon)
  • Patience!
  • Add a generous amount of oil, I mean it when I say generous! Pour it well on the areas where the glue is. It will flow down your face and neck but its all worth it.
  • Cover your hair with a nylon or shower cap.
  • Leave it on for about an hour.
  • Gently pull at the weave, if it doesn’t come off easily add some more oil and cover your hair again.
  • Wait for 30 more minutes.
Mine came right out with so much ease. I was surprised. And most importantly it didn’t pull out my own hair!
I won’t recommend this if your entire head of hair attached using glue. Go to the salon to get it removed. Otherwise you can do it yourself! Let me know if you try this and if it works for you.
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7 Replies to “How To Remove Bonding Glue From Hair!”

  1. Good tips! I have heard of using conditioner to loosen the glue but then i have never done bonding so i wouldn't know how it really works. But do you know there is actually bonding glue remover too? I wonder why that isn't as common as the glue, would save a lot of edges, lol!

  2. @Annette u re right. Conditioner is the bomb and that's what I use. Lape try conditioner,you will be super surprised and you don't have to wait for an hour

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