17 Online Beauty Stores In Nigeria You Should Know

17 Online Beauty Stores In Nigeria You Should Know

A lot of people have asked me which online beauty stores in Nigeria they can get certain beauty products, so I decided to make a list. Please feel free to add any store I might have missed and also share experience you have had with any of the stores

African Naturalistas


Ahia Natural Nigerian








Scentcity Palace



yanga beauty

Have you patronised any of these stores? How was their service, delivery and packaging. Please share your experience.


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  1. I have ordered items from Beauty Kink,Accessories NG,Ajali,Sizzelle and I just placed orders on Konga so I am yet to know how good Konga is but my best online stores for now remains Sizzelle and Beauty Kink.The customer service @ Sizzelle is Ogbodogbo(Big)bomb. They are so nice and so willing to listen and help. The only area they need to work on is packaging,they really need to step up in that area.Ajali and beauty Kink are wonderful when it comes to packaging items bought from them.Accessories NG is also nice,you can find almost anything you want to buy there,customer service is nice too.Thank you Lape love for this post. I screamed with joy when I saw this post because I find it hard finding online stores to buy stuffs from cos I don't wanna put my eggs in one basket and oh! did I mention that you can order and pay on delivery wherever you are in Lagos with Konga?Yes you can. Did I just type all these…lol Epistle of life

  2. Thank you for the post. I have bought items from accessoriesng, jumia, konga, sizzelle and mymakeup(which was not included) . Amazing customer services. The only bad experience I have had with online stores is with beautyboon- they don’t update their site as regards to stock, they don’t even have enough, the order I made with them is still hanging in d air, I finally cancelled d order due to unavailability of items but to refund my money became BIG WAHALA! They are still owing me till date!

    • Hi Lucy, thank you for sharing with us. Mymakeup is listed above. Wow I can’t believe you had such an awful experience. Customer service is practically dead in this country. Please don’t forgo your money, hopefully they’ll sort it all out.

  3. Hi… good job your doing. i have gotten stuff from jumia and their customer service is superb also from accessoriesng and zeebeautyshop which was also good for make up products

  4. Have you tried diapersnmum.com ? They have very affordable products and their customer service is superb.

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