Wig Making For Beginners; Know Your Wig Caps

Wig Making For Beginners; Know Your Wig Caps

I started a new series recently on wig making. In the first post I talked about the basic things you need to make a wig (you can check it out HERE). Talking more on wig caps, there are different kinds used for wigs. We have
  1. Dome cap: Used by most people actually. The only disadvantage with this cap is it isn’t great for hot weather as the scalp might not get to breathe
  2. The Actual Wig Cap: (thats what its called) I used this for my first 2 wigs and they didnt last long at all. It would be best for quick weave wig (wigs made with glue)
  3. Weaving Cap: This in my opinion is the best for making wigs. It usually has adjustable straps and a good structure for wig making
  4. Weaving Net Cap: This cap is actually nice. It lets your scalp breathe well! But it also rips easily
  5. U-part Wig Cap:  These are used in making U-part wigs i.e. wigs that allow you to leave some of your hair out for a more realistic look
Those are the major wig caps! Hope you are learning something. Please feel free to ask any questions. Till my next post!
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    • The dome cap and weaving net cap are in Nigeria. As for the U-part and standard weaving cap, I'm not sure.
      You can get the weaving net cap at some salons o. And mushin market too.

  1. Hey I've been searching for the dome cap for a while now. Where exactly can I get t?
    But I did see the net cap with adjustable straps in a shop @ Ikeja city mall. I can't remember the name now but its on the ground floor, they sell make-up and skin care products there too, and there's a salon @the back of the shop.Its was 1k for a pack.

    • I haven't found the dome cap in lagos. I have an extra one though. But I'll check out ikeja city mall for the net cap with adjustable straps Thanks for the tip, been searching for it everywhere

  2. Love you blog! I keep it up sis, pls where can I get the weaving cap in lagos, I have searched all over for it, does it rip easily. Awaiting your reply.

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