How To Make A Full Wig (No Leave-Out, No Lace Closure)

How To Make A Full Wig (No Leave-Out, No Lace Closure)

The post a lot of you have been waiting for is finally here!!! This one is for you Ada…. Hope you  find it very useful. I made a full wig which has no parting for leave outs. I closed it using the weave. Initially I had no style in mind but then I decided to try out a short Chinese bob. There are pictures as well as a video. So lets get to it..

Step 1.
Get all you materials ready. See all you need to make the wig HERE and indicate the centre/spot where you will close the wig

Step 2
To begin sewing, pass your needle through the weft first then through the cap. See other types of caps you can use HERE

Step 3
Continue to sew layer upon layer till you get to the ends of your eyebrows then start sewing in circular pattern.

Step 4
Continue in a circular pattern until you reach your centre.

Step 5
Glue or Sew a short strip of your weave together. Then press with a flat iron

Step 6
Glue or sew the strip onto the wig cap. It would serve as your closure.

Step 7
Cut/style using a blade or shearing knife.


Hope this was helpful. Do you have any questions? Feel free to ask and leave encouraging comments too
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