Dressing your age has been lost in translation given a lot of factors starting with what is really a woman’s age, does it particularly determine if a woman should look a particular way or dress a particular way? Pop Culture is one of the biggest influencers of the contemporary period, A lot of rules have been discarded a lot more have seen the light of day. Gone are the days when women not in their twenties were not permitted to wear knee length skirts or rock a crop top due to one insecurity or the other.

Those days and such things are now a thing of the past and that can be attributed to a lot of things ranging from fashion trends constantly populating the horizon, pop culture celebrities known to be major influencers in recent times and the strive to get with the memo and not be left behind. But the question now is, do women really know where to draw the line and dress according to their age group? No one is saying a woman in her forties should throw on frumpy sweaters and maxi skirts or ladies in their twenties cannot rock Palazzo pants with a tunic top. There have been a lot of mix and matches and now most women are unable to ascertain where they can draw the line but that does not mean it is okay for women in their thirties to wear outfits peculiar to teenagers, if there is any benefit for fashion in recent times it will be the fact that style and panache is solely dependent on how you decide to interpret your look, so irrespective of the fashion trend your interpretation of the look goes a long way  which is exactly what this article is about For more clarification here are tips.

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Women in their 20s: You are in your twenties, you are allowed to experiment, try out new things, understand your sense of style because tendencies that your style will evolve are very high. Labels are no longer your priority but style and comfort even though Charla Krupp, author of “how not to look old” wants women to stop forgoing style for comfort, which gives them an excuse to wear gym clothes as an actual outfit so it’s necessary to balance both. Dressing up should not be a chore or some sort of fulfilment to rank high among your peers when it comes to trend because only at that point will you begin to dress up feeling like you have to impress someone or look a particular way because a truck load of young women are looking that way. If asymmetrical dresses are not your thing, you will rather cut out dresses, then just go for that, if you do not like crop tops but would rather off shoulders, then that is what you should be doing.

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Women in their 30s: I think this is the coolest age for your fashion sense because you are older, more mature, you have come into your element and you are certain where you want to be fashionably which is great because even if you decide to go for above the knee options you can pull it off as smoothly as possible. Being fashionable is more than just the basics and if you intend to dress your age, then you have to be aware that with the wide variety of fashionable pieces in the world today, you have no reason to be lagging behind. At this age it is important to work with your body, know what fits and what works for you. Snap out of the shopping with a size thing and shop to fit your body. If you are saddled with shopping for size 8 dresses when all the size 8 dresses are too tight to fit into your body maybe you can give size 10 dresses a try, it does not mean you are fat, it just means you look a lot better in certain sizes. You can definitely pull off shorter hemlines as long as it doesn’t make you look like you are competing for attention with your daughter.

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Women in her 40s: Classical essentials are what you should fill your wardrobe with, build a timeless wardrobe with pieces you will wear everyday also go for pieces that are playful and fun. At this point it is imperative you embrace colour because they will help you to rock outfits you didn’t think you could possibly rock. Stylish and practical clothes are necessary and very much key, they tend to play a versatile role as well.


Women in 50s: At this point, you are likely to invest in quality over quantity. Tailored pieces are essentials and you are already certain the looks that work for you and the ones that don’t, in the end you are likely to come off looking plush and updated instead of  groggy.

What group do you fall into and what’s your style?

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