5 Recycled Hairstyles Currently Trending In Nigeria

5 Recycled Hairstyles Currently Trending In Nigeria


Its amazing how much Nigerian women love to  look good. The average Nigerian woman spends a bulk of her money on her hair, changing up styles as frequently has her pocket would let her. Its even more amazing how one trend spreads like wildfire. First you see it one lady and while you are still admiring it and making up your mind to try it out, its on everyone!!! We take trends to the uttermost! There are some particular hairstyles that are really trending now, interestingly these hairstyles were once the deal back in the good old days. Now they are back and even better. Lets take a look at some of them.

1.Faux locs

This hair style originated from the “Rastafarian community” years back. Today it’s one of the more popular protective styles thanks to celebrities like Zendaya and Meagan Good who rocked the look.

faux-locs faux-locs-111


2.Crotchet Braids

The saying is so true “there is nothing new under the sun!”. Crotchet used to be a thing of the past for our grandmothers and great grandmothers. Today it’s gaining so much popularity among women all over the world!

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3. Gel packing

Who else rocked this hairdo in primary school?! It was the trending hairstyle then, high ponytail with curly extensions (telephone wire as it was popularly called). Just when we thought you were getting too “old”, one of our favourite childhood hairstyles came back!

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4. Bantu knots

This versatile hairstyle which was common among blacks many years ago has become a favourite among many women. This style is not only used to create beautiful curl patterns, but is now also worn as a proper style.

bantu-knots bantu knots


5. Saba

Saba was once popular in Africa but with time the style faded out. Now it’s back with a new name “bob braids” and many stylists are adding various twists to modernize the style

bob braids

bob braids