Its common knowledge that Mondays are for serious official business which means one must be properly dressed to the office, especially for those who work in a corporate environment.

Seriously, looking good to your place of work is very important…. that moment you step into the office everyone knows you are around. Until recently, choosing Ankara print for work was a complete a no no. Especially during the times African print was worn majorly by married women or the elderly mostly to church or parties.

But now all that has changed. Ankara print has become a big player in the fashion industry. It’s now been incorporated by Top African and non African designer’s. As such, instead of using it in making traditional African styles only like iro and buba, agbada and other strictly African outfits, we now see suits made in Ankara prints as well as shirts, pants, long and short dresses and all kinds of corporate design you can think of (Vlisco’s Modern Ankara Collection).

Once worn right, Ankara can be appropriate for formal settings like the office and other day to day gatherings. The most important thing to consider is the print and the combination. So the best way to do this is to choose an appropriate style with a more subtle colour or diffuse the colour with a monotone fabric.

How To Style Ankara For Work 

1. Pair it With A Blazer: Blazers are very professional and also the most corporate outfit to wear. And there are many ways to wear blazer. You can wear it with a matching piece i.e as a suit. As we all know Ankara fabrics are colourful, bold and also very feminine. Match your Ankara blazer with nice pants, gown or skirt form to give it that warm, sophisticated, professional look.

Complete Fashion

2. Rock It As A Peplum: Peplum is a great silhouette for the office and works well in Ankara print. Pair it with a pencil skirt or a pant. This look is chic and professional.Ankara

3. Try Ankara Pants: Pair Ankara printed pants in cuts that flatter your shape with a shirt and optionally a matching Ankara print tie that has an element of sophistication.

Style Pantry

4. Wear It As A Two-Piece Suit: Lastly go for an Ankara print styled in suit.. It has been seen by many celebrities wearing it to formal settings i.e Adekunle Gold, Jidenna, Lola rae etc.


What are you waiting for? Go get your own African print in one of these styles and rock it to work.

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