The Christmas holidays will be upon us in less than a month and it is never too early to start buying your Christmas presents. You know what they say “The early bird catches the worm” or something of that sort. If you are anything like me who finds it difficult to choose presents or does a mad dash scrambling around looking. You will be glad to know I am here to save your Christmas woes! Buying makeup for yourself can be a struggle, let alone buying makeup for a loved one. Check out my ideas and tips for the perfect beauty gift and you will be sure to win brownie points!

Idea 1: Makeup Palettes are lifesavers!

This will save you trying to figure out what eye shadow colours work and do not work. In this new age of the “Instagram Baddie”, you are bound to draw some inspiration from the popular Insta baddies (@Desiperkins, @MissAaliyahjjay, @Shirleybeniang and @Patriciabright) and find the perfect palette from Anastasia Beverly Hill and Juvia’s Place


Anastasia Beverly Hill, Modern Renaissance Eye Shadow Palette (link) is highly pigmented with a mix of neutral and bright colours; a double ended brush is even included! You are guaranteed to be a winner with this palette!


Juvia’s Place Nubian 1 (Buy here) and Nubian 2 (Buy here) palettes

These palettes are absolutely gorgeous. The mix of neutral and bright shades means that your loved one is spoiled for choice on various looks they can achieve with this palette. They are very affordable, even better!

*Little Tip: Do not buy foundation (only if requested or you are confident of their shade)

Abort mission! Buying makeup for a loved one is difficult as it is; do not complicate the issue even further by buying foundation. This can go south for various reasons – the shade might be too dark/too light and it might not suit their skin type. The packaging of many foundations look the same, which can lead to buying the wrong product and several stores do not accept returns. So you’re stuck with a foundation that just may become useless. In short, just avoid splurging on that Dior foundation for your loved one without consulting them first.

Idea 2: Gift sets

This is probably the easiest way to buy beauty products because gift sets are fail proof and your loved one will use at least one, if not all of the products in the set. Body Shop have some amazing gift sets and they even come wrapped, which saves you time with fiddling around with wrapping paper (I buy these gift sets for myself as well and I love them!) and you have various gift set options such as makeup, skincare and perfumes.


Body Shop’s Blooming Marvellous Gift set (Buy here)untitled4

This fabulous brow set by Benefit Cosmetics is top notch! (Buy here)



Have you come across Kylie Jenner’s lip kit set? Super gorgeous (I can’t knock her hustle) (Buy here)

And for a more affordable alternative, why not try the Colourpop liquid lipstick set? (Buy here)



If your loved one is not a makeup or skincare enthusiast, why not try this cute nail polish set by OPI? (Buy here)


And because we are not trying to break the bank, here is a splendid alternative by BarryM (Buy here)


Idea 3: Good ole trusty gift cards

Although gift cards may come across as not thoughtful enough, they are a fail-proof way of giving your loved one an opportunity to purchase any item from their favourite beauty stores. Nowadays gift cards are becoming a normal alternative to an actual present, even stores are now raising their game by providing fancy packaging for these cards. In short, gift cards are great!



*Little tip: Breathe and release

If your loved one enjoys a good pamper session, why not give them the best experience of their life by taking them to a spa for a massage or facial? We all know need that extra TLC sometimes. Plus, here are always gift offers in many luxury hotels!