Having natural hair is so much work and comes with lots of responsibility. Literally! You have to use this oil, use that cream, wash with this, steam with that.. Most people (Me) would rather have the hair they can comb out in peace with ease and without pain.. Lol

But honestly, recently I’ve felt like joining the natural hair gang.. I know, I know, I never thought I’d say it too and no! I’m not going to cut my hair and start from scratch.. I was just going to leave it unrelaxed for some months and let the natural hair take the better part of my head.. It’s been 6 months since I last relaxed my hair and I was also beginning to change my mind again (me and my unstable mind) until I came across these Natural Hair bloggers and Youtube suggestions led me to some more people I never even knew about so I decided to share them with you guys. So in case you need some inspiration or you just want to see how well they look with natural hair or both.. Keep reading..

1. Discovering Natural

Sola of Discovering Natural, She’s Nigeria, She uploads videos frequently , she’s got about 700 videos (crazy right!?), anyway its all for the best, you get tons of options to pick from ‘How To’ tutorials to DIY, product reviews, children’s hair tutorial etc. You can visit her YouTube Channel here

2. The Kink and I

Ekene of “The Kink and I” started her natural hair-ness in 2009. The blog is also run by her best friend Marilyn. They live apart lives in Lagos and New York which I think is a good thing and makes their blog easy to relate to, especially with their list of natural hair products. You can visit their website here

3. Chizi Duru.

Chizi is another natural hair blogger who really has a thing for this natural hair topic obviously because she has a lot of knowledge to share. She has tutorials on how to make bantu knots, twist outs, etc. She’s into up-dos, twists, straightening natural hair and also does product reviews. Check her out on her YouTube channel here

4. Klassy kinks

Ijeoma of Klassy kinks cut her hair in may 2010. She has managed to keep her natural hair even on low budget. She wears her natural hair with a twist (its blonde!). She has a couple of videos on Havana Twists. Visit her YouTube Channel here

5. Latifatumi

Latifatumi cut her hair way back in 2009. I’ve seen a number of her videos, and they are so diverse, covering a wide range of natural hair topics. She’s been a YouTuber for about 3 years so she definitely has enough experience to share. Check her YouTube channel here

6. Chinwe Juliet

Chinwe Juliet is an Igbo natural hair vlogger/blogger popularly known as Igbo curls on Instagram and YouTube. She is also an entrepreneur. She has beautiful, full hair and I’m just here lusting after it.. Check her out on her website here

7. Geraldine the great

Geraldine is one of the most popular Nigerian ‘naturalists’. She has been on natural hair since 2009 (it seems 2009 was a major year for the natural hair movement). Her hair is so very long and thick. Check out her website here

So there it is guys.. I hope this is really helpful.

Till next time XOXO

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