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1. Excessively Washing Your Face

Most People believe that constantly washing your face would help. This isn’t true because blemishes are formed when the oil produced by the skin is mixed with dead skin cells and not dirt. Therefore washing the face more than 2-3 times daily or even the use of harsh scrubs, sea salt and the likes, would only strip your skin of the natural oil it needs to remain soft.

2. Washing The Face With Urine

Just so you know, if the urine is useful to the body, it wouldn’t be a product of excretion. Do yourself a favour and leave your urine in the toilet where it belongs.

3. Eating Groundnut, Butter or Margarine Causes Pimples.

Unless you have an allergy to groundnuts, there is no scientific proof that groundnut can cause pimples. In short, there is no scientific evidence that your diet is substantially related to your acne. Healthy diets would make you stand a chance against pimples but it has nothing to do with your acne. You may have an allergy to a particular food and thus it may be a trigger for you but generally, the food you eat goes down to your stomach, gets digested and then energy and nutrients from it is sent all over the body. The residue is sent out of your body, therefore your diet is not substantially related to your acne issues.

4. You Will Outgrow It

If your breakouts are hormonal, then they would probably stop as soon as your body adjusts to the hormone production in your system but that doesn’t mean that the acne would disappear just like that. Even if it subsides, you may just come down with post inflammatory pigmentation and scars. Most times, when acne are ignored (especially cystic acne) they simply harden and when they outlive their life span, they leave deep scars on the skin.

So now that you know what you should not do (4 Things That Cause Severe Acne), lets find out what you should actually do?

Always Leave your acne issues to a dermatologist, aesthetician or well-trained and experienced skin-care therapist. Remember, every skin tells a story therefore you need a bespoke treatment, tailored to suit your issue. Don’t go around trying products. Your acne is a “little problem” which should be treated professionally.

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