Beauty Formulas Facial Scrub

Happy new week guys! I can’t tell if I’m excited or sad about the new week to be sincere, with my exams starting on Tuesday or should I be happy that the much anticipated exam is here and I can finally get it over with. Anyhow, before I bore you with my upcoming exams, I have a little something for you guys to try out this week. It’s the….

Beauty Formulas Facial Scrubs.

The Beauty Formulas facial scrub is a life saver! I’ll tell you of my little ordeal before I came across these beauty products. Not only did I have oily skin, but also blind pimples—ever had one of those huge, under skin pimples? That feel like a tumour and are almost impossible to conceal?…yeah, I used to have those. A few here and there. I also had blackheads and a few spots from pimples.

I decided to start a beauty routine, to take better care of my skin as I used to fall asleep in my makeup many times before and never really paid attention to beauty routine. So, I set out to get a product I could use on my face. As a student, I didn’t really have a lot to spend on expensive beauty products. I was looking for something really affordable and effective  and viola! I found these amazing products

The first beauty formulas facial scrub I ever tried is the Blackhead ‘control’ facial scrub (Clear skin). What first caught my attention was the fact that it controls blackheads and clears spots. I was happy. And it was really affordable, and I thought to myself, why not?

This product claims to help keep problem skin clear of blackheads and spots and eliminate dead skin cells, dirts and other impurities which can block pores to cause blackheads and spots and this product did wonders to my face. My skin became clearer, it cleared my spots and made my skin a lot smoother than before.
 It leaves my skin feeling fresh after application. It also contains a very important ingredient which is the salicylic acid.

Beauty Formulas Facial ScrubIt read: for optimum results exfoliation should be kept to two times per week. But I use(d) it more than twice a week.

I personally like the way it is packaged, it comes in a 150ml tube.

Cost: 999.99naira; approximately 1000naira(price might vary depending on the store)

After I was done with the first tube of the blackhead control facial scrub, I went back to the store I got the first one but It was out of stock. It was then I came across the the BEAUTY FORMULAS facial scrub (Australian tea tree blackhead ‘clearing’). 

I decided to try this out since its also a beauty formulas product and they do similar work.

The best part is that this clears blackheads while the other one (The blackhead control facial scrub) controls it.

The content of the tea tree blackhead clearing facial scrub is thicker and the exfoliating beads are more pronounced than that of the blackhead control facial scrub.

It contains tea tree oil which is also a very good skincare ingredient
. The blackhead clearing facial scrub is an invigorating ‘deep cleansing’ facial scrub.

This facial scrub made my face even more clearer— clearing my blackheads and leaving my skin feeling fresh and smoother.

Cost: 999.99naira— approximately 1000naira (price might vary depending on the store).

The packaging is also very cool. It also comes in the same 150ml tube.

I’ve been using these products for a while now and it’s no going back for me. I’m definitely going to restock these once I’m done.

I hope these products help you just as much as it has helped me.

Your girl,

Dooney Black.


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