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How to Stay Beautiful This Christmas


It’s a different story with the first bloom of spring, when we’re up and about, looking to shed our winter comfort cloaks and pamper our beach bodies to perfection while preparing for the sun. Winter, well, is for most of us, a guilty pleasure time, when It’s all about cookie dough, hot cocoa and crisp, roasted turkey with cranberry relish. What can I say? I’m shivering already.

But, ladies, ‘tis the season for a few early (or late, depends on how you look at it) resolutions to tend to, and it’s never too soon to start crafting your own Christmas look with a few tried and tested procedures as well as the latest glitzy makeup trends. Let’s make beauty our winter habit, as well!

A Mani-Pedi Treat



You might not be wearing those open-toed sandals in the upcoming cooler months, but your precious feet deserve as much attention as amidst the sultry summer. If not even more, considering the effects of cold weather and constant wrapping up in various woollen socks, thick shoes and the like! Not to mention that your hands have had enough of the drying winter air, which can add years to your lovely skin.

As such, winter is the time for a proper, professional, manicure and pedicure, preferably one that includes softening and hydrating ingredients such as manuka honey, and not just pretty nail polish (who power, in my humble opinion, should never be underestimated)! With various Sydney-based salons at your disposal (Margaret’s Nails, here I come), your feet and hands could use a refreshing boost, both of color and skincare.

Ditch the Yeti Coat

I know, it’s cold, and you’ll be wearing a classy pair of haute jeans, or lovely nylons underneath that maxi skirt of yours, but your legs, armpits and all other hush-hush spots with a tendency to get hairy need their beauty boost. And there’s no time like winter for laser hair removal treatments because you won’t risk getting those white patches when the laser kicks off your tan as well, and your skin will be very grateful for the soothing down-time, inflammation and irritation-free.

If you’ve ever tried this fantastic treatment, you know that you need to stay out of the sun for a couple of weeks before and after, and the laser alone takes sometimes up to 10 sessions across several weeks. And who wants to stay indoors when it’s time to show off your miniskirts? No one, that’s who. Winter time = laser hair removal.

Stay Lean Amidst the Feasts



The fact that we spend our holidays soaked in sunshine doesn’t really prevent the munching frenzy that is as traditional as the barbecue and ice-cream for dessert, accompanied by tons of delicious wine. That, however, brings along those nasty layers of fat on our bellies, and the toned-thighs dream is all but gone after a winter of endless sugar cravings.

But, where there’s a will, there’s a way, as the cliché saying goes and, in this case, delivers. A cutting-edge, effective procedure such as non-invasive liposuction in Melbourne has become the go-to treatment for ladies that want to keep their figure without ditching the feast. It comes highly recommended by a few of my friends who’ve tried it, and I have to say I wouldn’t mind spending this Christmas rocking a tight dress guilt and flab-free, too!

Glitter on Your Lips



Now that you have your basics covered, it’s time to introduce some gloss to your holiday look! This season is jolly in love with all things glam, and the ‘80s have served as perfect inspiration for numerous fashion designers, too.

Silver, gold and all hues of red sparkling with thick glitter are all perfect choices to complement your Christmas outfit. But for those who find the lip dazzle too much, you can always replicate the twinkle in your eye with a touch of flashy shimmer in sterling silver or even in vibrant rainbow hues.

Purge Your Pores



Nothing beats the winter blues like a day at a spa, where you immerse yourself into a whirlwind of aromas, treat yourself to a lush massage, and finish the indulgence with a facial mask that will leave your skin pure and radiant.

However, you can also easily create your own little oasis of beauty in your home, and purify, shrink and lift your pores with a trusty, deep-cleansing mask to prep your skin for the upcoming celebrations. Charcoal masks have become an absolute favorite among many ladies, myself included, but the choice is yours, as long as you keep your skin fresh and bright.

On that note, naughty or nice, have a happy and pretty Christmas, everyone!



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