They used to be a taboo, but now they’re so common-place and omnipresent, that it’s highly likely that the elderly lady across the street has one, as well as the pole dancer, the bartender, the librarian and the teacher. Ink has become a fashion statement and a beauty trend but still maintains its status as an expression of rebellion and a way to belong.

But what about you? Have you fantasized about embellishing your own knuckles with a cool ink tag such as “foxy” or get a sexy tattoo somewhere only your lover can find? Sure, you can always go and make one after a merry evening on the town, but it’s much more ladylike (and adult-like) to make an old-school pros and cons list before you take the plunge.

Pro: They Serve A purpose



Whether you wish to commemorate a pivotal event in your life, such as a marriage, a graduation, or another unforgettable moment, even a minimalist symbol that represents such an occasion on your body is a beautiful way to preserve the memory. They’re also a powerful way to pay a tribute to a deceased loved one, or even express your devotion to someone you love.

Ultimately, they are a form of body-adornment, and even as a purely aesthetic choice, you sure have the right to flaunt a perky flower or a stunning tribal symbol if you please. They don’t have to be prominent to be beautiful, and they can always remain visible only to a selected few!

Con: They Carry A Stigma



Despite the fact that we live in the 21st century, certain backward, awkward and otherwise weird attitudes prevail in many societies. If you live in a highly patriarchal, conservative, narrow-minded world, prepare for a backlash of commentary, averted eyes in the street and overall imbecility.

They are and always will be yours, and yours alone, but in terms of acceptable social norms, not every community is equally open-hearted, so you might want to consider the way your ink could affect your job opportunities

Pro: They Are (Not) Forever



Isn’t it beautiful that you can carry with yourself a worthy memory in the form of a stunning image for as long as you live? Of course, certain touch-ups and improvements will be required from time to time since they do tend to fade away and stretch with our skin. But people are also often afraid that they might regret their decision later in life.

There’s nothing to be afraid of ladies, this is where modern technology steps in and saves the day. You can opt for laser tattoo removal and get rid of your unwanted ink in a few sessions any time you want. On one hand, you have the option of keeping it forever with little maintenance, on the other, you no longer have to worry about the future changes of heart.

Con: They Have Health Risks



If you have sensitive skin, you’ve never had a tattoo before, or your artist has used ingredients that aren’t too kind on your skin, then you might experience certain issues. From mild swelling, redness and superficial irritations, all the way to skin infections, tattoos can cause your skin a great deal of pain if not done and cared for properly.

So, before you make up your mind as to where you want it and which one you want, consult a professional and assess your risks. Sometimes, your immune system may overreact to the needle, while others can, in fact, experience an improvement in their healing time as a result of tattoos – you never know who’ll draw the shortest straw!

Pro: They Are A Form of Self-creation


We go through life using clothes to proclaim our attitudes to the world, we make statements with jewellery, and we often give a personal touch to our look, just to give it that authentic edge. In essence, we create ourselves just as much life shapes us over time. Tattoos, just like fashion and makeup, serve as a powerful way to express our beliefs, make our character known, and in turn, shape it to a greater extent.

They are an incredible form of self-creation, as you have the opportunity to design your tattoo down to every detail and work on it with your artist until you create the desired image. The fact that they are (practically) permanent gives them all the more significance, so treat your body like a unique canvas, and you’ll create a whole new layer of your identity that will only gain relevance in time, as it will grow and change with you!