Choosing a hair stylist is not an easy task. There are too many options out there, and you do not know which one to go for. Choosing a wrong stylist can be a devastating blow to your personality and even more to your hair. The global hair market is around $85 billion and is said to increase to $102.2 billion by 2024, as per Statista. There are several things to look for in a hair stylist including knowledge, handling of different types of hair, experience etc, when making this decision. More importantly, an ideal hair stylist is one who helps you achieve your hair goals, uses the best hair styling tools and gives you the right tips for your hair.

Here are the 5 things to look for in a hair stylist:

1. One Who Knows A Variety Of Cuts

When it comes to hairstyles, the trend keeps on changing. Other than that, different people have different preferences. Some like short hair while some like long. Your hairstylist should be aware of crafting different hairstyles because sooner or later, you would want to go for a different style. It is often observed that when renown figures or personalities get a hairstyle change, people often want to copy that style to look good. A hairstylist who knows how to bring variations is considered to be an ideal hairstylist.

2. Knowledgeable And Good Adviser

A hairstylist shouldn’t only be good with his/her hands but also with the brain. Meaning, a hairstylist should have sound knowledge about various kinds of hair. For instance, the quality of curly hair differs from straight or frizzy hair. Here’s where a hairstylist packed with good knowledge can advise you best on what kind of hairstyle would suit you and what kind of haircut should you go for.

Other than that, hair coloring is also a concerning factor. In the U.S alone, hair color products are said to generate 1.7 billion in revenue. You would want to go for a stylist who knows about hair coloring and can help you pick the right color according to your requirements.

3. One Who Uses High Quality Products

There are many stylists who try to convince customers to use hair care products (hair colors, creams, hair straightness) which are new on the market. In fact, some stylists try to push products on their clients, especially hair colors. They have little to no interest in how a customer would like the color and just for the sake of earning a good commission from hair product companies, they use low quality products. When you enter a salon, ask for products that they’re using to make sure they only use quality products. After all, your hair is at stake so make sure to be careful.

4. Good Reputation

Your hair can help make or break your personality. Never make the mistake of walking to a hairstylist who has just stepped into the market. He/she may be good but you don’t know that yet. Choose a hairstylist who has gained a good amount of reputation and is considered as an expert and a renowned hair stylist in your area. Now, this does not mean that all new stylists are bad. Some can be very good, it is all about being sure of that.

5. Charges Reasonably And Has Time For You

Hair cutting is an expensive profession. Find a stylist who is affordable so that you do not have issues in covering the expenses, especially because you’d be going to a stylist every few weeks.

Apart from that, good hairstylists are seldom free. They are crowded with appointments and would keep on cancelling on you many times. This can be bad for you if you want to style your hair for an event that’s just a few days away. So, make sure to go for a professional stylist who knows how to treat his or her clients right.

These are 5 things that one should look for in a hair stylist to have a good experience. What is your worst hair salon experience?


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