Hello geekers, I’m all about getting the most out of my bucks. I think its sooo amazing when you can put one product to multiple uses. So I’ll be sharing concealer hacks with us today. Yup, your concealer can come in handy for more than just highlighting.


Nude lips


You can use your concealer to achieve an awesome nude lip. How?

Line your lips with some brown pencil.

Get some concealer and apply it with a brush like you would your lipstick. Blend with the pencil to achieve a seamless nude lip. You can apply some lipgloss if you’re feeling glossy.



Clean liner

To get your wing liner extra clean and sharp or rectify a slight mistake you can dip a flat liner brush into a little concealer and carefully line immediately beneath your wing. Voilà perfect wing!!!


Shadow primer

Yup if you haven’t got eye-shadow primer you can use your concealer. Apply on the lid and allow to get a bit tacky, apply your eye-shadow. Also use your concealer to cut your crease.


Fuller lips


To get the illusion of fuller lips apply concealer all over your lips. Then take lip liner of your choice and lightly outline just outside your lips. Line your lips normally and apply lipstick. Your lips will look plumper a la  Kylie Jenner.


Cupid bow

Sometimes you don’t want to use your highlighter on your lips, but you still want to emphasize your Cupid’s bow. Just apply your lipstick normally,

take some concealer and use it to outline your Cupid’s bow. Draws attention to your lips without the shimmer of highlighter.


Ombrè lips

Yes you can use concealer to get the ombre lip effect.

Apply your lip color of choice all over your lip.

Use a lip brush to apply a little concealer to the centre of your lips. Blend until you achieve the desired effect.


Nude liner


To open up your eyes you can take a tiny liner brush and line your inner lid with concealer

Wait for it to dry totally and then go in with black or colored liner.

You could also leave it like that for a fresh wide eyed look( a lighter shade works best if you won’t be following up with liner).


There you go ladies! Make the most out of your concealers with these super easy tricks.