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Detox Your Complexion Like a Celeb


Whether they are on the red carpet or taking some time off, celebrities are always under the spotlight and at all times, they have just the perfect, glowing skin. Although most of them have their own stylists and personal trainers, they still have their own beauty secrets that give their skin a youthful glow. Thus, if you want to look your best, you should definitely listen to skincare advice from some of the most beautiful and gorgeous celebs who selflessly share their secrets with the world. Here are some of the best celeb-worthy tips that will help you detox your complexion and have breathtaking skin.

Use retinol-based products

flowersPhoto by Autumn Goodman on Unsplash

Including retinol-based products in your skincare routine will help you erase the signs of aging on your skin and give you a smooth complexion. Retinol actually stimulates the production of elastin that our bodies stop producing after puberty. You can use a retinol-based serum rich in Vitamin C to balance uneven skin tone and reduce wrinkles. Andreja Pejic, one of Australia’s most popular supermodels, advises using retinol-based products consistently, but sporadically because retinol is a strong ingredient.

Treat your skin overnight

Naomi Watts knows the importance of applying a high-quality night cream regularly. During the night, your skin repairs and using a night cream will provide it with additional nutrients. You’ll be able to see improvement in the morning as your skin will look fresh and feel smooth. Naomi’s choice is a night cream that contains hyaluronic acid, has anti-inflammatory properties and promotes the natural correction process of the skin. You can also go with a natural, organic night cream that contains no toxic chemicals and plenty of nutritious ingredients.

Choose collagen-based eye mask

girlCollagen is yet another important ingredient that will ensure the health of your skin. This supplement is one of the most effective ways of reducing bags under the eyes, so if you have this problem, you should give it a try. Romy Soleimani, a celebrity makeup artist, recommends a pro-collagen hydro-gel eye mask to anyone who’s struggling with bags under the eyes.

Create a healthy home environment

homePhoto by Kinga Cichewicz on Unsplash

All celebrities know that their home environment can have a major effect on their skin and general health, which is why they take some time to detox their homes, as well. Allergens, such as mold, dust, and mites, can irritate your skin, especially if you’re susceptible to allergic reactions. Since most of those allergens are airborne, it’s advisable that you incorporate an effective mold air purifier that will get rid of the microscopic spores from your indoor air. In addition, you should add houseplants, such as snake plant, spider plant or peace lily, that act as natural air purifiers. Additional measures that will help you detox your home include regular cleaning, proper ventilation, using organic cleaning products, and others.

Never skip sunscreen

There’s no better way to ensure the health of your skin than by using sunscreen on a regular basis. Protecting your skin from UV radiation will help you prevent any unwanted skin issues, including premature aging, spots, redness, sunburns and even skin cancer. Organic sunscreen is your safest options because it doesn’t contain any chemicals. You can even find a sunscreen that you can wear under makeup just like Poppy Delevingne.

Add spices to your diet and skincare

gingerGinger, turmeric, and paprika will not only add unique flavors to your diet, but they will also purify your body from toxins and give you a better complexion. These spices are great antioxidants that also have anti-inflammatory properties. In addition, they can promote the regeneration of the damaged liver cells. However, your diet isn’t the only one in need of spicing up. Your skincare can also include products based on these ingredients. Paprika, for example, have skin-rejuvenating properties while turmeric offers numerous beauty benefits. Thandie Newton, an English actress, suggests adding a few drops of turmeric powder into a slightly colored moisturizer for a sun-kissed glow.

Eat a veggie-rich diet

If you’re a fan of Spanish cuisine, you should find a recipe for gazpacho, a superb dish that Penelope Cruz swears by. Since this dish is made with raw vegetables, olive oil, and water, it contains all kinds of skin-beneficial ingredients that can detox your skin. While water will hydrate your skin, vegetables will provide it with different nutrients and fatty acids that will help your skin absorb vitamins.

Celebrities know their way around skincare, so if you want glowing skin, you should definitely stick to these celeb-inspired tips.