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Guide to Decluttering Wardrobe like a Fashion Pro


When it comes to clothes, girls can’t resist buying things that will eventually end up in the ‘never-before-worn’ box along with a label, but who can blame them anyway? The fact is, women love seeing their clothes hanging in their closet, even if they don’t use them. It’s always tough to decide what to keep and what to throw away, because we get emotionally attached to our first date outfits, birthday bash dresses or other outfits for no reason. If your closet requires a map to find what you need, then it’s time for cleaning it out. Your wardrobe should be neat and orderly, and here are some hacks on how to declutter your wardrobe like a pro.

First of all, take everything out of your wardrobe and place it on your bed or the floor. Let the music play and see how worthless items become a part of the ancient history. Tidy up your shelves and drawers since your clothes don’t deserve being put back on dusty surfaces. Go through the pile carefully and decide what you REALLY need. Separate out all the stuff you love wearing and put it in the front row of your shelves. Put the less important yet wearable pieces behind. You should do this once or twice a year just to avoid the stress of being a shameless hoarder.

Keep the basics

basicsPhoto by Andrej Lišakov on Unsplash

Trends come and go, but classic is forever. Don’t you dare throw away basic apparel, like denim jeans or high-waisted palazzo pants, because they are eternal and you can wear them for many, many years ahead. Keep your V-neck white tees and a pair of perfect stretch shorts and you will never have to worry about your laid-back look. But, if you tend to keep the items you haven’t worn in a year, then it’s time to toss them. Even better, you could always donate your clothes to charity, or a teenage cousin because I’m sure she will be more than thrilled. This way, you will feel great that you made someone happy, and plus, your closet is decluttered. Best of both worlds.

Speaking about shoes…

shoesPhoto by Junko Nakase on Unsplash

Every woman has a never-ending lineup of shoes, and still wears only three pairs of them. Sounds familiar? If you are a proud owner of the platform stiletto heels, don’t worry, it will be our little secret. But, do me a favor and get rid of them asap. They should burst into flames because I’m sure that not even Pamela Anderson would wear them anymore. If you keep your old shoes just because you enjoy seeing the amount you possess, then it’s wrong. Throw away the high heels that kill your feet and make you walk like Bambi on ice. Tacky and unnecessary. Also, get rid of the shoes you bought on sale, but haven’t worn once. If they were any good, you would have given them a chance, right? Stick to the comfy footwear because your feet need it the most. A pair of amazing womens Birkenstock Arizona should definitely have its place in your wardrobe since they are super trendy and comfortable, and if your feet could speak they wouldn’t be able to thank you enough. Your white Converse sneakers should also stay, regardless of all the hate. They are versatile enough to be worn with sweatpants and a dress, and who doesn’t like that?

Keep this in mind

Your fancy power dressing outfit doesn’t count if you wear stretchy bras and worn-out, ripped undies. That messy underwear belongs in the garbage, and not in your drawer. If you don’t even wear them at home on lazy Sundays, then why would you wear them outdoors? Get rid of your synthetic panties and thongs since they are not healthy and keep everything that’s cotton-made.

Don’t forget the accessories

funPhoto by OLA Mishchenko on Unsplash

Messy and tangled jewelry is every girl’s nightmare. Yet, many of us would rather struggle with unknotting our favorite necklaces from the unwanted ones, instead of throwing them away. Get yourself a cool jewelry hanger and you won’t have to deal with that ever again.

Make a ‘toss or take’ party

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Decluttering your closet can be fun too, unless you have a big walk-in Carrie Bradshaw closet. In that case, abort the mission and cry. If you have a smaller wardrobe, but still need assistance, call your girls to help you choose pieces worth keeping, or give away what you are done wearing.

Being overemotional when it comes to material stuff is ridiculous, so let go of your fears and raid your closet once and for all. You will see how things you thought you couldn’t live without easily become insignificant.